May 19, 2022

United Airlines to expand capacity in Indian routes

Wednesday, 31 October, 2018

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According to The Hindu Business Line, US Chicago-based United Airlines is set to increase its capacity at Indian destinations such as Mumbai and New Delhi.

United, which operated in India as Continental Airline before the merger of the two carriers about eight years ago, flies direct to New York from Mumbai and Delhi. The airline is nearly adding 100 seats on the Mumbai-New York route.

United inducted its first 777-300 on this route, which used to be served by an older 777-200 aircraft. The older aircraft had 272 seats while the 777-300 has 366.

“The new airplane has much more real estate. It has the best offering that we have in the business class, which we call the Polaris Business Class. Every business class seat will have aisle access. It also adds 10 more business class seats,” Harvinder Singh, Country Manager, India, United Airlines, told the hindu business line.

Airlines, told the hindu business line.Direct flights to the US take anywhere between 14 and 18 hours compared to the 20-30 hours it takes to fly with 1-2 stops. The shorter travel time is making these flights immensely popular.
“The overall demand to the US is fairly good. Most of our customers are corporate customers and for them there is a clear preference for a direct flight. The flight takes them directly to Newark (New Jersey) in 16 hours and from there they have connections to 90 destinations in the US, Mexico and the Caribbean,” Singh said.

“Since October 1, we have merged the common network — it includes the merging of 500 different elements. We will have a language-qualified greeter at every door as you board the plane. It makes a difference if someone greets you in your own language,” Singh said.

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