May 24, 2022

Dead bird turns scarecrow: Vistara flight aborts landing in Delhi twice

Date : October 23, 2018

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A Vistara airlines flight from Kochi missed its landing — twice — at the Delhi airport due to a dead bird that was present on the runway.

The pilots of the flight — an Airbus A320 — were warned by Air Traffic Control (ATC) officials about the presence of the dead bird.

And so, they decided to initiate a go-around, aviation parlance for aborting a landing at the last moment.

The flight then tried once again to land on the same runway. However, this time as well the pilots apparently decided to perform a go-around.

The specifics of the second attempted landing aren’t very clear.

We do not know why the flight attempted landing on the same runway.

Neither do we know if the dead bird was the reason for the second go-around and, if it was, why the bird’s carcass wasn’t cleared off the runway.

What we do know — by looking at the Vistara Flight UK 866’s flying path — is that the plane was approaching the Indira Gandhi International Airport from over Noida.

According to the flight path (provided by aviation tracker, Vistara UK 866 approached the Delhi airport’s southernmost runway (the airport has three runways).

The path shows Vistara UK 866 making a sharp left turn halfway down the runway — the plane was flying at this moment and was over not ON the runway.

After making the left turn, Vistara UK 866 circles back to the same runway after flying over Gurgaon and Fardiabad.

This time as well the flight doesn’t land. However, this time around, Vistara UK 866 flies the entire length of the runway before pulling left.

The flight once again flies over Gurgaon and Faridabad as it circles back to the Delhi airport.’s flight path abruptly ends just before hitting the Delhi airport.

However, an imaginary extension of the flight path suggests that Vistara UK 866 landed at another runway at the Delhi airport.

It is unknown how many passengers were on board the flight.

“The Flight Crew of UK 882 operating Kochi-Delhi today initiated go-around on approach to Delhi due to the presence of a dead bird on the runway, as instructed by the ATC,” Vistara said in a statement.

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