May 24, 2022

Aviation will need 27,000 new pilots in 2021 !

Aviation will need 27,000 new pilots in 2021 !

Despite the global pandemic causing thousands of layoffs of Pilot, Flight Attendants and other professionals, and the bankruptcy of some airlines, the aviation world is looking for new Pilots.

According to a CAE study, the civil aviation industry requires 27,000 new Pilots by 2021, and 264,000 in the next decade.

Aviation will need 27,000 new pilots in 2021 !
A CAE Airbus A350 simulator Source: CAE

CAE Looks for New Pilots in Future

CAE, a well-known Canadian manufacturer of flight simulators, published on November 9 its forecast regarding future Pilots, which covers demand up to 2029.

This year, the number of active Pilots has declined year on year by around 87,000 to about 300,000, but will bump up to an estimated 374,000 by the end of 2021, says CAE.

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By the end of next year, age-based retirements will leave the sector short of 27,000 flight crews. According to the study done by CAE, by 2029, there will be a requirement of 264,000 pilots

Airbus A350XWB Simulator Photo: Airbus

Statement from CAE

In the study, CAE says, “Despite the short-term decline in the number of active pilots due to the impact of Covid-19, the civil aviation industry is expected to require more than 260,000 new Pilots over the next decade.”

“Fundamental factors influencing Pilot demand prior to the Covid-19 outbreak remain unchanged. Age-based retirement and fleet growth were, and are expected to remain, the main drivers of pilot demand.”

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CAE predicts the civil aviation industry will require a total of 484,000 Pilots in 2029: an estimated 426,000 for airlines and other 58,000 business jet crews.

Of these, 167,000 Pilots will be needed to replace those close to retirement or leave the workforce, while the remainder will be needed to meet industry expansion.

“Thousands of Pilots have been furloughed in recent months. Many of them have pivoted to other professions and might not want to resume their Pilot careers,” says the report.

More specifically, the Asian-Pacific continent requires most of the new Pilots: about 91,000 in 10 years, which is equal to about one third of the total demand; North America will need a combined 65,000 new Pilots; Europe 42,000; the Middle East 25,000; South and Central America 16,000; and Africa 4,000, CAE projects.

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